Dear Valued Customer,

Recently, the United States announced a series of tariffs on goods and materials that are manufactured in China. Most of the boxes, displays, bags and other essential components within our product offering are included on the lists of goods that will incur new tariffs of 25%. The United States Customs authorities have begun to collect these new tariffs since July 6, 2018. Information about the tariffs can be found on the US Trade Representative website:

While we are taking steps to mitigate the impact of these new tariffs on our customers, compliance necessitates that we pass along some of the increased tariff burden to our customers.

Some of the steps we are taking to mitigate the impact of these new tariffs on our customer include absorbing a large part of the increased tariff burden and working with our overseas partners to reduce the impact of the tariffs without damaging the quality standards that we value.

We do not want to raise prices across the board to compensate for what we hope is a temporary issue. The moment that these tariffs are lifted we can return to our standard pricing.

Effective since the applied increase in May 2019, Noble USA will charge a 25% tariff surcharge fee to all orders shipped from our USA warehouse that fall under the revised tariff list.

Again, we hope that this is only a temporary issue and that we can lift this line item assessment shortly.

Kind Regards,